Right now there is only windows executable version muaddib.exe
I the future I plan to release also Linux and Dos versions.
You can download source version and try to compile yourself.
You will have to create project or makefile yourself in such a case.
Every .c file including <allegro.h> library generates two warnings,
but this problem is related to Allegro 4.2 not LuAllegro
Allegro 4.2 is RC2 (release candidate2 - not release) but I have decided to go with it.
It simply has better documentation than Allegro 4.0.2.

Finally LuAllegro supposed to be standalone library (.DLL under windows) or (.so) under Linux,
but I believe 100% of Allegro functions should be implemented first.

About 30% of Allegro functions are implemented, but those implemented are well tested (I hope).
These functions are selected as "most important" - those I feel I needed most. In my opinion function set provided in version 0.3 allows script programmer to create useful graphical applications.
Right now I am writing documentation. After I finish doing that I will extend available function set to about 40% releasing version 0.4.
I will provide more example scripts then.

In order to download LuAllegro files latest release version 0.33 please click here.